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July tanka challenge

This is done. For those not on G+ who said they wanted to see it, here are my tanka for the month.

Several of these were posted with pictures that inspired them, and probably make more sense in that form, but that's easier to do on G+ than here. I list a few of the images with their tanka here.

July tankaCollapse )

July tanka challenge

In case of random poetic interest here, I'm running this year's tanka challenge during July over yonder at the G+ feed (

I'm using a separate feed ("circle") there so as to not spam everyone with the stuff, but if you have an account there and would like to check them out, let me know and I'll add you to the feed. Please join in as well, if moved to do so: I love reading the writings from everyone each year.

Birthday and end of year tanka

For one born today –
yearly a time of endings –
you're most generous
of all the people I know
with aiding new beginnings.

Happy birthday, oaken_glen!

Thanks to everyone who played along with this year's tanka challenge. I've enjoyed the reading this month.

Garden tanka

It is the same bed
where these flowers are planted
and same balanced soil,
but one flower opens wide
and one decays at the roots.

Sleep tanka

I want to sleep here,
next to you on the white sheets
and reach to your skin
with nothing left in between
you and I and purity.

Sand castle tanka

By day I’m raising
sand castles along the shore.
Occupied with walls
I find that evening comes fast -
then waves crash through all the same.

I Ching tanka (this is silly)

Tanka from reading a random page in an I Ching book:

The sun climbs the curve
of the earth, in the I Ching
a sign of progress:
"progress signifies the day,"
"clarity rises on earth."

But that hot gas ball
just lights up what is settled
and what may still grow,
and by the latter green path
I must go, for it is life.

Christmas lights tanka

Winter’s bright fireflies
hover over the green boughs,
motionless today –
not at all the lively things
that seek love in the June warmth.

Christmas tanka

Today I relaxed
in the heart of a family
with aunts and cousins
who are not my relations
but share themselves nonetheless.

Now it seems to me
that I may wander the year
and always return
to this one hearth, ever lit
and crowded with random joys.


A one-inch white nose
in a little feline face
can make as much noise
snoring while asleep at dawn
as any human I’ve heard.



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